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FSS International Co.,Ltd

We are an world-class manufacturer of high quality package and storage items supply for more than 16 years in China.
The Word Forever in FSS provides a constant reminder of the core philosophies driving our business as a manufacturer of high quality consumer products:
It takes FAITH to go into business and OPTIMISIM to remain in business.
It takes RESPONSIBLILITY to guarantee quality and EFFICIENCY to supply the VALUE customers paid for.
It takes true EMOTION to cater to every customer’s unique need.
The REWARD we enjoy for succeeding is what business is ultimately about,and that is Happiness!
  • History
In year 2000, the original company named Xiangbao Stationery Co.,Ltd come into existance in Shijie Town Dongguan.
In year 2005, with business expanding and factory movement to Liaobu Town Dongguan. Xiangbao remaned Xiangrui.
In year 2006, Xiangbao rename Forever Sationery Co.,Ltd.
In year the and Focus, and narrowing the focus.
  • Culture
Wine & Rose, Business & Friendship
  • Mission
1.Customer/consumer: quality products              
2.Investor/shareholder: benefit & Reward
3.Workers/employees:  opportunity plateform  
4.Society/country:  Reputation & Branding
  • Belief
Paid by faith,returned with love and future
  • Team
Humanistic culture:You are the most important
PMC-Department:Open minds, open your world
Production-Department:Weight us, by our job, value us, by our job!
R&D:Focus, narrowing the focus makes a feather in your cap.
Admin & Logistic:Help and service never needs to have break!
Q&C:Stably Step-up, progressively to perfect
SALES&MARKETING:go fast, go alone., go far, go together
  • Advantage
1.Rich Products
2.Well Known Reputation
3.Professional Team
4.High-End Quality
5.Lower Cost
6.Frequent Innovation
7.Excellent Service.
Business Structure
1.Silk Route Gifts Co.

Friends & Family
-Photo Album & Set
-Photo Frame series
-Giftsware set
2.Urban Office Gifts Co.

Office Supply& Desktop
-File tray/Magazine holder
-letter sorter   -pen holder
-desk mat   -stationery set
3.Pink Store Package Gifts Co.

Cosmetic&Jewelry Package & Storage
-Cosmetic case/box/containers/bags
-Jewelry box/cases
4.Focus Liquor Package Co.,Ltd

Liquid & Wine package & Storage
Wine & Whisky Holder/box/case/
Cooperative Client


Tel: 86-769-22016006
Fax: 86-769-23064614
Email: sales@fssdg.com
Add: 2# Fuxiang St, Hengjiao Village, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China, 523302

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